Weight loss-Why is it difficult to lose weight?

Patience and discipline are essential to achieve anything in life, including losing weight.

And change is difficult to accept unless it’s rewarding.

When it comes to weight loss we expect rewards immediately. Once we start following diet, every morning we jump on the weighing scale to check the result. If we lose weight we are happy and motivated, and if we don’t we give up. We expect miracles to happen with the smallest of efforts.

Weight loss journey is not only about eating healthy food, but also a lot about your psychological strength.

Being Committed to not eating unhealthy, having the discipline to exercise everyday, sleeping on time, and drinking enough water are extremely important and we should have the patience to repeat these activities everyday no matter what. The reading on your weighing scale must not deter you.

Another thing which is also very important – EXPECTATION.

Set your expectations right and goals realistic.

When your goals are not realistic and you want to lose weight which you have gained over a period of 1-5 year in 3 -6 months, It shows lack of patience and commitment.

Have patience and discipline to train your brain

If you can train your mind, you can train your body too…