Sai Chandra

I was very happy with her diet plan , she give me diet according to my life style and I have put on 6kgs after follow long her diet . It’s more like an interaction with friend rather than a doctor . She asks u ur family background life style and gives diet accordingly.

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Nazneen ma'am is a very good dietician. She is very patient, friendly, knowledgeable and frequently checks with us on how we are following the diet and if any changes are needed.

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Nazneen has been great with helping me manage my nutrition and health decisions. Enjoy achieving the milestones with her from weight management to general health. Extremely warm person and a great morale booster!

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Sri Shakthi

Dr.Nazneen was recommended to me by my surgeon Dr.Amar. Her diet plans are so good. She is very attentive to every detail and you can ask any diet related queries that you may have, literally anything, she would answer and guide you towards a better constructive diet which is healthier, easier and helps you lose

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Myra kuli

I have been taking diet consultation from Dr. Nazneen since over an year. Her diet charts are so interesting that I never felt the need to stray away from my prescribed diet. Whenever my body weight hit a plateau, she made sure that she set the scale moving by suggesting really simple yet extremely effective

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Monica Sravana Murthy

My experience with Dr Nazneen has been truly satisfying & the process of losing weight with her encouragement was one of those which I cherish the most. She understood my needs & helped me lose weight while I still had the food I liked. She taught me loosing weight need not be a punishment &

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Vijay Rodroju

My experience was awesome!! I have lost 9 kg in 3 months. Moreover ,I have inculcated some healthy habits like oil pulling , infusion water, herbal tea .The best part about this diet was she motivated me to have a healthy lifestyle rather than just weightless. Also, my diet counsellor was very understanding. Motivating and

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Uma Gamini

Results are impeccable, natural and inspirable. I had to lose weight because of spondylolysis. And then, found Nazeen as personal adviser and still feeling lucky. Her detailed advices and support improved my life style very much positively. And lost weight week by week continuously. I feel very energetic, confident and enjoying the life more. I

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Mildred Desouza

I never approached a Nutritionist earlier for Weight Loss...Never thought it was necessary. Always believed I knew what is the right kind of diet and exercise routine to follow to lose weight. Until I stumbled upon a relative who showed drastic results so I decided to give it a try Nazneen is pretty good at

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Saket Baldwa

The diet is very easy and the best thing is that there are many options in the diet due to which I don't get bored eating just one food for the whole week. She is always ready to clarify any queries and her weekly follow up is also on point.

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