Porridge is as old as mankind.
The origin of the word Porridge is a variation of the French word “Potage” which is known as soup.
Porridge is an ancient traditional food, made by chopping or grinding cereals and cooking them in a pot with milk or water during the 17th century.
The existence of porridge is recorded as 12000 years old. Many scientists believe the origin of cake and bread is from the baking of thick porridge.
Porridge was made differently in different countries.
Around 4500 years ago China started making porridge with rice and 3000 years ago Asian with oats, quinoa, and broken wheat.
Porridge made with oats was a fancy food introduced by the British. Porridge was famous in Latin America and Africa too.
In India Porridge came into existence as a poor people food made with broken wheat. It was eaten by workers because it was healthy and gave the energy to work for long hours.
Porridge in India was not only limited to made by broken wheat, but they’re also multiple variations and mixing of cereals became a tradition, and porridge is introduced to the infants as a weaning mix.


Porridge is the first food introduced to babies.
Multigrain porridge is safe and a healthy option for any age group.
To make it nutrient-dense multiple grains are mixed and named multigrain porridge.
Multigrain Porridge is a healthy breakfast option. Porridge is also served as dessert mixing grains, nuts and dry fruits. Adding jaggery will make it rich in iron. Adding honey increases the antioxidant compound. It can also be used as a savory dish adding a different colorful vegetable to increase immunity.
Multi grain porridge is low in fat, high in protein, and a good source of complex carbohydrates and highly recommended for diabetic patients.
Multigrain food products like porridge are linked to reducing the risk of many health conditions.
Low GI multigrain porridge helps in regulating sugar levels, reducing weight and high fiber keeps you satiated for a longer duration.
The dietary fiber in multigrain porridge is beneficial for bowel health by preventing constipation.
Multi grain porridge is tasty and has multiple health benefits “a healthy choice for a healthy life”.