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Bariatric Diet – All you need to know…

Week 1 Clear Liquids Only • In the first week after your gastric sleeve surgery, you may be allowed to take only clear liquids such as water, fresh juices, soups and broths. • Avoid any carbonated beverages or other drinks with added sugars. • Take small sips and very slowly, no straw please! • No

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Multigrain Porridge – History and Health Benefits..

HISTORY Porridge is as old as mankind. The origin of the word Porridge is a variation of the French word “Potage” which is known as soup. Porridge is an ancient traditional food, made by chopping or grinding cereals and cooking them in a pot with milk or water during the 17th century. The existence of

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Weight loss-Why is it difficult to lose weight?

Weight loss-Why is it difficult to lose weight? Patience and discipline are essential to achieve anything in life, including losing weight. And change is difficult to accept unless it's rewarding. When it comes to weight loss we expect rewards immediately. Once we start following diet, every morning we jump on the weighing scale to check

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Ragi – History & Health benefits….

RAGI- HISTORY Ragi, also known as finger millet came to India in 2000 BCE. Ragi is nutritionally rich and has medicinal properties. In Ancient India,Ragi was used as ayurvedic medicine for treating many health conditions. Ragi is not only nutrient-dense but also prescribed as a superfood for many diseases. Ragi was initially widely used by

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