Week 1 Clear Liquids Only

• In the first week after your gastric sleeve surgery, you may be allowed to take only clear liquids such as water, fresh juices, soups and broths.
• Avoid any carbonated beverages or other drinks with added sugars.
• Take small sips and very slowly, no straw please!
• No pulp only clear liquid
• Liquids should be at room temperature
• Once you’re readily able to tolerate liquids, You can advance to the next stage of eating changes (pureed foods)

Week 2 Pureed Foods (High Protein)

• During the second week, you may typically take in foods in their pureed form.
• These may include mashed fruits, low-fat cottage cheese, sugar-free yogurt, soup with blended vegetables and watery oats.

• You might be tempted to overdo it – but don’t. It’s not worth the risk and can get very uncomfortable very quickly if you eat the wrong foods, or too much of the right ones, after surgery.

Week 3 & 4 Soft Foods and Protein Shakes

• In week 3, you might be able take protein shakes about once a day.
• You might be approved to also eat hummus, steamed or boiled vegetables, soft cereals, scrambled eggs, mashed fruits, steamed fish, ground chicken with stock and soups.
• Avoid starchy foods like rice, pasta and bread.
• Vegetables that are fibrous – like broccoli, celery and asparagus – should definitely be avoided.

Week 5 After Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Some Solid Meals

• In week 5, you’re eating regime may begin to allow you to eat some ‘solid’ meals.
• You can typically begin eating fruits, sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, cereals, fish and chicken.
• Avoid eating fried foods, chocolates or sweets, whole milk and nuts – these are not easy to digest.
•During week 5, you may even have one or two healthy snacks in-between your normal meal times.
• A hard-boiled egg, hummus, bananas or (Khakra) crackers might be okay options for you.

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